White Hot

It’s been a month since spring has sprung, but this past weekend in So Cal, with temps rising to the 80s, it felt more like Summer. Now, I know the old adage is that you can’t wear white until Memorial Day. But, I have my own rule: if it feels like it’s June outside, then wear your whites, and wear them proudly.

For Sunday brunch, I went with this super cute white ribbed dress from Tobi.com. It was perfect because it kept me cool while out in the heat. I decided to keep going with the white theme and paired it with my white Chloe Mini Marcie, some beige snakeskin Steve Madden gladiators, and my House of Harlow sunburst necklace.

And while the weather may all of a sudden cool down this week, which it’s prone to do, I love that I was able to get a taste of summer, which is just around the corner!

Dress: Tobi

Bag: Chloé

Sandals: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Necklace: House of Harlow

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Skechers Sues Steve Madden for Patent Infringement

Steve Madden is in legal trouble, again. This time the shoe company has been sued by Skechers over claims that Steve Madden infringed on several of Skechers’ patents. The infringing patents are designs that are used in the Skechers Go Walk shoes.

Skechers claims that the Setta shoe in the Steve by Steve Madden collection infringed patents that govern the details of the Go Walk shoes’ uppers, outsoles, and bottoms. Skechers claims that selling the Setta style, damages Skechers business because the shoes are being sol alongside each other and causing confusion amongst the consumers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.34.24 PM Skechers Go Walk via skechers.com

Oftentimes, a fashion brand typically sues based on a claim of trade dress or trademark infringement, governing aspects such as these. Converse had recently sued over 30 brands and retailers, and has settled with many of them, over trademarks they hold for their signature Chuck Taylor All Stars. Suing based on a patent claim, is relatively unheard of within the fashion industry.

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Steve Madden Copies Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

As I was doing my Christmas shopping last month, browsing different shopping sites and fashion stories recommending the perfect Christmas gift, I came across this bucket bag.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.24.14 PM

Steve Madden BGEMMA bucket bag via stevemadden.com

Now, if you follow my Currently Coveting posts, you’ll know that I have been insanely coveting the very trendy Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. And, at first I thought that this bucket bag was the bag I’ve been dreaming about for months. But, on further inspection I found out that it is in fact a Steve Madden BGEMMA bucket bag.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.24.27 PM

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag via mansurgavriel.com

It seems that Steve Madden, like so many fast fashion clothing brands, has been “inspired” by the latest trends to create its own version of the luxury piece.

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Balenciaga Sues Steve Madden For Trademark Infringement

Last week, Balenciaga filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Steve Madden Ltd. in the Southern District of New York. The Parisian fashion house is claiming that the American brand infringed on its trademark, most associated with the ‘it’ bag of the mid 2000’s, the Motorcycle Bag. They are requesting an injunction to stop Steve Madden from producing the bags, as well as monetary damages.


Balenciaga is claiming that the Steve Madden purposefully copied the design which is protected by a federally registered trade dress. By copying the design, Balenciaga, alleges that Steve Madden is confusing the customer who may think that a Steve Madden bag is a Balenciaga bag or vice versa. Under trademark law, one is entitled to trade dress protection for a design when the design identifies the origin of the product, the brand.

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Brian Atwood Acquired by Steve Madden Ltd.

Brian Atwood, the revered shoe designer, has teamed up with Steve Madden Ltd, to buy back the intellectual property rights of his namesake line from The Jones Group in a transaction facilitated by Bluestar Alliance LLC.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.45.15 PM

These rights include the intellectual property assets of   the Brian Atwood® designer collection and the B Brian Atwood® contemporary collection. The acquisition was spurred by reports that the Jones Group was considering a sale of the brand, following the closing of its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This acquisition comes hot on the heels of the closure of Rachel Roy’s namesake designer collection, also owned by The Jones Group, who has recently been trying to sell its underperforming brands as the group is being overtaken by private equity firm, Sycamore Partners.

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