Let’s Talk About Endorsed Blogger Posts

Last year I attended a Fashion Law Symposium, where one of the topics discussed is the guidelines that the Federal Trade Commission has required that bloggers and influencers to disclose when a blog post, a tweet, an Instagram post, or Facebook post is endorsed by a brand or company. These guidelines are a response to the increasing influence and power that bloggers hold over consumers.

Many brands have recognized that consumers are more influenced by seeing people they admire wear or use products than the traditional means of advertising. A girl living in the middle of America who is obsessed with fashion is likely to get her style inspiration from bloggers whose style she loves and wants to emulate more than from magazines that have come to be seen as unattainable.

It’s undeniable that fashion bloggers are gaining more and more power in the industry, with mega bloggers like ManRepeller, Damsel in Dior, and Song of Style becoming┬áregulars at front rows of major fashion shows, creating collaborations with high fashion brands, and eventually creating and distributing their own products.

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