Paris Fashion Week: My Favorite Collections Part 1

Ah Paris, mon cherie! Where fashion and style were born. And, this Paris Fashion Week did not disappoint, with the beautiful fabrics, silhouettes, prints and looks at just about every show that walked in the city of love. In fact, I couldn’t narrow down my favorite collections enough and will be doing two posts talking about my favorite collections!!



So, here is part 1 of my favorite collections from Paris Fashion Week:

Maiyet: I love this collection because even though the palette is monochromatic the details make it eye-catching and rather exquisite. And the structure and construction of each piece is so beautiful and elegant. Combining all these elements creates a rather gorgeous and classic collection with pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Maiyet_021_1366 Maiyet_012_1366 Maiyet_020_1366 Maiyet_001_1366 Maiyet_003_1366 Maiyet_008_1366


Hermès: When I think classic Parisian chic, basically this collection is what I imagine. The girl who wears this collection puts a minimal amount of effort into her outfits, and yet she always looks amazing and chic. Basically, this is what I wear when I’m daydreaming of being a Parisian eating a Ladurée macaron on The Left Bank.

HER_0431 HER_0537 HER_0605 HER_0297 HER_0361 HER_0183


Balenciaga: One word comes to mind: FIERCE. This collection and the girl who wears it means business and you best not mess with her. She’s not afraid to show a little skin and be the center of attention because she knows that she’s earned the attention and she has a lot to offer the world, not to mention she plans on taking over the world. Love it!!

_MON0226 _MON0105 _MON0059 _MON0316 _MON0476 _MON0641


Vionnet: Something that I love about designers is their ability to take two completely opposite concepts and meld them together beautifully. Here, the two concepts that I see are: ancient civilizations and boudoir. Normally, those two don’t work together, but here Vionnet makes it look seamless and beautiful. From the sheer fabric, thigh-high stockings and garters that evoke a 20’s boudoir to the gold accessories and belts, gladiator sandals, and long flowy pieces that evoke an ancient civilization, the elements come together to create a beautiful collection that is wearable for today’s woman.

KIM_0168 KIM_0024 KIM_0386 KIM_0566 KIM_0282 KIM_0475


Nina Ricci: This collection has a heavy 40’s influence in the structure of the pieces, from the pencil skirts, to the jackets, to the knee length dresses. But, what makes this collection great is that the elements are made modern so that the pieces are wearable for today’s woman. The collection is so elegant and chic but also fun with its palette and prints.

NIN_0447 NIN_0232 NIN_0099 NIN_0575 NIN_0975 NIN_0339


Lanvin: My Paris Fashion Week recap wouldn’t complete without Lanvin! And Alber Elbaz definitely did not disappoint. This collection is what I imagine the most glamorous women of the world who jet set around the globe would wear. The palette is so deep and rich in the color and fabric, it just looks luxurious, let alone how they feel against your skin. Beautiful!

LAN_0497 LAN_0693 LAN_0313 LAN_0591 LAN_0157 LAN_0621


Haider Ackerman: This is such a beautiful collection because on the one hand the colors and fabric evoke a softness, a tranquility, a romantic notion, but the cuts and structure of the pieces evoke a sexy woman who is confident. Its a rather gorgeous collection that really highlights Ackernman’s talents.

MARC8077 MARC7821 MARC8119 MARC8155 MARC7719 MARC7777


Saint Laurent: Ahh, Saint Laurent. Always seems to redefine what a party girl would wear. This collection has hints of the YSL glory days of the 70s mixed in with 60’s elements but all modernized for the rock girl of today’s world who wants throw something fabulous when she hits the clubs and lounges, whether in Hollywood, New York, or London. Gorgeous!

_A2X0339 _A2X0382 _A2X0109 _A2X0028 _A2X0062 _A2X0249


Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Paris Fashion Week Recap….


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