Paris Fashion Week: My Favorite Collections Part 2

And so, we come to part two of my Paris Fashion Week recap!! Check out the rest of the collections that made me go “I WANT!! I WANT!!”


Chloé: I always say that if I win the lottery, one of the first places I will go is Chloé and this is why. Chloeé is the epitome of effortless fashion. The pieces are so easy and wearable but they are also so fashionable and chic. The pieces can go from runway to everyday so seamlessly, whether is a shorts/top look or a gown. So, here’s hoping I win the lottery come spring!

MARC0337 MARC0279 MARC0087 MARC0215 MARC0451 MARC0161


Givenchy: Hello rock chic!! This collection evokes a girl who is part rocker/part fashionista, a rockinista, if you will! There are elements of fashionable chicness but also an air of rocker carelessness. I love it!!

_MON0247 _MON0077 _MON0218 _MON0360 _MON0834 _MON0520


Stella McCartney: What Stella McCartney did so well in this collection and what she does so well with every collection is to create pieces that are fashionable and trendy but that are also wearable. You may turn some heads when you wear these pieces, but not because they’re ‘runway eye-catching’ but rather because they are so damn chic! The color palette and the fabrics are so luxurious and beautiful as well.

STE_0619 STE_0361 STE_0313 STE_0072 STE_0464 STE_0192


Elie Saab: Party girl perfection. From the patterns, to the lace, to the bright colors, every piece in this collection is highly catered to the girl who loves to stay out until late in the night but manages to always look perfectly put together and beautiful. I’m still working on perfecting that trick. Perhaps, I’ll need an Elie Saab romper to do so!

MARC0101 MARC0023 MARC0193MARC0421MARC0805MARC0707


Chanel:  What is there even to say about Chanel? Beautiful. Classic yet modern. Breathtaking. Fashionable. Chic. Just a couple words that come to mind. The palette and use of floral, watercolor, and striped patterns is so perfectly spring/summer, and then throw in the classic Chanel tweed and silhouettes and its just breathtaking. Love!!

CHA_0461 CHA_0110 CHA_0281CHA_0607CHA_0183 CHA_0197


Valentin Yudashkin: I literally gasped when I saw this collection, because it is just so incredibly beautiful. The colors are so soft, the fabrics look so delicate, and the silhouettes are just so beautiful. To me, if spring were a person, this is what she would look like.

KIM_0166 KIM_0250 KIM_0391 KIM_0658 KIM_0878 KIM_0593


Paul & Joe: Paul & Joe always creates perfectly French sportswear and did the same with this collection. Like many other collections this season, Paul & Joe has a bit of a 70’s feel with the white/blue/brown palette, the eyelet fabrics, and the fringe. Such an amazing wearable collection!!

JPG_2805 JPG_2923 JPG_2532 JPG_2657 JPG_3380 JPG_3161


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