Paris Fashion Week Day 3: Favorite Looks

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Zadig & Voltaire: I loved this collection because of the elements of edge and rock chic that permeates the pieces. This leather jacket embossed with stud embellishments paired with a flirty and edgy dress creates the perfect look for perhaps a night watching her favorite band at your local bar.

Lanvin: There’s a reason I decided to name my blog Lawyer in Lanvin. It’s because Lanvin never takes a misstep. I particularly like this look because of even though its a simple white tank with a black skirt, when you really look at it, you see the elements that make it chic. The velvet design and tassels on the skirt creates a subtle texture that makes a simple black skirt fresh and fashionable.

Balmain: Talk about power dressing. The wide-leg pants, with the plunging neckline, and the long coat is very reminiscent of Samantha Jones from Sex and The City. The powerful independent woman who isn’t afraid to express her sensuality. I also really love the pop of purple color with the clutch. Great look!

Vanessa Bruno: High-waisted track pants are all the rage right now. But I love this leather version of it, because it look so incredibly chic. I also love how its styled with a white top and a gorgeous white coat. I am a huge fan of monochromatic looks. There is nothing more fashionable than a black and white outfit. Love!

Carven: Speaking of a chic black and white look. This is an outfit inspiration for work if I’ve ever seen one. It’s fashionable and chic but also very professional and subdued. Perfect for a workplace environment while still maintaining your individuality and fashion sense!

Roland Mouret: I chose this look because I really love the combination of the sheer sleeves with a high neck and a stiff, patterned skirt. It’s interesting and it makes you look twice and really see the beauty in every element that has gone into the look. I particularly love the skirt. It’s another practical work skirt that has a little fun and flair to it so it’s not boring and plain. Love it!

Beeta J.

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