Paris Fashion Week Day 2: Favorite Looks

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Sharon Wauchob: I love this dress because of the exquisite use of lace in this really elegant silhouette. From the collar, to the long sleeves and the flair of the skirt, its a really gorgeous dress that is super feminine and soft. Love!!

Lemaire: I chose this look mostly because of the incredible scarf. It’s dramatic and oversized and looks so incredibly soft and comfortable. I would want to just wrap myself in a cocoon with this beautiful piece.

Rochas: This dress is great because even though it looks conservative and covered up, the sheer fabric with the beautiful bird print livens it up and makes it fun and fresh. It’s a truly beautiful dress.

Cedric Charlier: As much as I love seeing fresh and trendy pieces and looks, some of my favorite looks are the classic, everyday looks. This one is super simple with a turtle-neck, a sweater and a pencil skirt, but the structure and the styling makes it a really great look that is perfect for normal day in any girl’s life.

Guy Laroche: When I see this look, all I thin is power! A power woman who knows her worth and who doesn’t let anyone get in her way or bring her down. The beautifully tailored high-waisted pants combined with a plunging, metallic top shows that this woman is confident in herself and she means business!

Vionnet: Give me a lace up sandal, and I will say it’s gorgeous!! I particularly love the combination of the lace up sandal with the thigh high slit and all in red. Usually, something like this could look overtly sexual and over the top, but this look is the perfect balance of sexy and elegance. Gorgeous!

Beeta J.

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