Obsessions: Chic or Treat

Happy Halloween!! I love Halloween!! And, I fully believe in being in the spirit the whole day through. So, before I get in full costume tonight (details on that costume later), I’ll probably be rocking some Halloween-inspired accessories throughout day. Here are some spooky pieces I’m obsessing over!



1. Topshop Monster Bandage Dress  ||  2. Topshop Lace Cat Headband  ||  3.  NastyGal On The Money Coin Headband  ||  4. Topshop Gem Bunny Ear Headband  ||  5. Lyric Culture Halloween Pumpkin Muscle Tank  ||  6. NastyGal Bare Bones Handpiece  ||  7. Your Eyes Lie Bat Body Con Shirt and Skirt  ||  8. ASOS Teen Witch Sweater   ||  9. Rock ‘N’ Rose Black Lace Crown  ||  10.  YRU Phalanges Loafer

Beeta J.

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