My Italian Holiday – Day 5 – Cinque Terre

Yesterday morning, we left Naples to head to the an area along the coast of Italy known as Cinque Terre. This is the name given to five villages that are nestled in the cliffs along the sea. It took 8 hours, 3 trains rides, running through a train station, and lugging our suitcases up and down stairs. Halfway through the trip, I wondered to myself is this all worth it? And then I saw it: the breathtaking views of the most beautiful pace I had ever seen.

Today, we spent the day exploring three of the five villages. We first explored Monterosso, which is the village we are staying in. It is definitely the biggest of the five villages and it is absolutely gorgeous. The view of the sea from any point in the town is otherworldly. And, the beach is so calm and relaxing, I could definitely just spend all day napping and reading at the beach.

Next, we visited Vernazza where we climbed the rocks along the sea and climbed the endless stairs to the top of the village where we saw a near 360 degree view of the sea. From this vantage point you could also see the mountains beyond the villages and some of the other villages in Cinque Terre. It was so beautiful!!
Finally, we visited Manarola. This is the village that I think is shown the most when talking about cinque Terre because the juxtaposition of the colorful buildings of the little village along the clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea is so incredibly beautiful, it’s hard to put in to words.
Cinque Terre is a truly beautiful and magical place. Wherever you are, you feel as if you’ve stepped back into time to when resort cities created beautiful and scenic places for visitors to come to and relax. I know that in my Amalfi Coast post, I said that the Amalfi Coast is my second home, but I think Cinque Terre will have to take its place. I wish we had more time here, but we’re leaving for Milan in the morning. I guess that just means that I’ll have to come back to explore all five villages and the extensive trails in the hills and mountains!!
So I guess in the end, the 8 hours of traveling, the 3 train rides, the running through a train station and the lugging of our suitcases up and down stairs was totally and completely worth it.

Beeta J.

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