My Italian Holiday – Day 3 – Pompeii

Today, my sister and I visited the ruins of the hidden city of Pompeii. I love history and love visiting historical sites like Pompeii.

Pompeii was a bustling city that existed up until 79 A.D when Mount Vesuvius erupted and the city was covered in about 20 feet of ash. The city was pretty well preserved and a good portion of the city is still undiscovered and archeologists are still digging. My sister and I really enjoyed seeing the city and all the buildings, homes, and artwork. It really felt like we were stepping back in time.

When we were first walking in, I said to my sister, “I’m read to see some volcanic peopl!!” My sister laughed at me and told me there weren’t people in Pompeii on display. Little did she know I was right!! When the archeologists first discovered the city, they discovered bones of the people who died from suffocation. They filled in the empty spaces between the bones and were able to create what the people looked like in their last moments in Pompeii.

Amongst the buildings, shops, theaters, and homes, we also saw the brothel. I thought it was so interesting how even the brothels were decorated with frescos, although these frescos were erotic ones depicting what the prostitutes offered. It was also really interesting to see how short the people of Pompeii were by how small the beds were. I definitely would not have been able to fit on that bed!!

Overall, my sister and I had a great time seeing the city and learning about life back then. I like visiting places like these to kinda remind myself the evolution of human societies, but also how even though we are centuries upon centuries apart, we aren’t all that different from our ancestors. Even though the Pompeii people lived in ancient times, they had a rather sophisticated city and they were just trying to live the best life they can, just like we are!!

Beeta J.

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