My Obsessions: Coachella

Coachella is NEXT WEEK!!!! This my first year going to Coachella and I am sooo excited!! Not gonna lie I’m partially excited because of all the great potential outfits!! I feel like music festivals allow people to tap into the hippie/free spirit/woodstock side of themselves and let that person be free for 3 days in the California desert in cut off shorts, crop tops, bandeaus, and flowy dresses. Its also incredibly hot so that might have a little something to do with the minimal amount of clothes on people.




Last week over spring break, I hit up Forever21 and H&M with my friend, Roya, on the hunt for some cute but inexpensive shorts, tanks, bandeaus, dresses and skirts that will be perfectly festival chic. We found some gems and you’ll have to wait and see what I wear!! But, while I was perusing the racks and looking online for inspiration, I found so many different pieces and looks that could cover not one, not two, but several Coachella weekends. And, so below is only but a sliver of my dream Coachella wardrobe. Enjoy!!




1. Forever 21 Boho Style Crochet Top  ||  2. Forever 21 Buckled Faux Leather Crossbody   ||  3. Forever 21 Broken Stone Necklace   ||  4. Forever 21 Ombré Denim Vest  || 5. Billabong Sandy Streets Backpack  ||  6. Ray-Ban Oversized Clubmaster Sunglasses   ||  7. Havana Cabana Bandeau Top   ||  8. Open Spaces Desert Boot  ||  9. Stars of Crystal Handpiece  ||  10. Gypsy Junkies Ocean High Slit Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt  ||  11. Dot of the Day Romper  ||  12. In God We Trust Sweet Nothings Necklace  ||  13.  Heartily Embossed Crop Top  ||  14. Wanderlust Fringe Dress  ||  15. Arrow of Your Ways Bangle Set  ||  16. California Love Sweatshirt  ||  17. Rainbow Belle Rose Crown 

Beeta J.

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