Milan Fashion Week: My Favorite Collections

Ah, Milano. My second favorite European city, after Paris. To me, Milan is like a second home, because my family and I travel there quite often. Whenever I am people watching in the Galleria, what I love most about the Milanese people is how effortlessly elegant they always seem to be. This uniquely Italian quality was ever present in the Spring/Summer 2015 collections presented last week, whether it was ethereal dresses or sleek suits, there was something rather Italian and effortless about the looks presented.


Also, it is quite apparent that many of the designers and thus people of Milano are feeling a 70’s vibe. Whether it was the city vibe of 70’s Manhattan or the hippie vibe of San Francisco during the summer of love, one thing is certain, many of the collections at Milan Fashion Week were feeling nostalgic for that bygone era of peace, love, and disco. Check out all my favorite collections from Milan Fashion Week below!

Gucci: When a brand has been around as long as Gucci has, it develops a signature style. Gucci’s signature style has always been a mixture of rock and elegance in beautiful, bright colors. This collection perfectly represents this Gucci aesthetic with a bit of a 70’s chic injected into it. Certain elements, such as the use of suede and fur and certain silhouettes and piping, are reminiscent of trendy New York woman putting her stamp on the city in the 1970’s. Putting all those elements together created the perfect spring/summer collection for the woman who wants to be fashionable and chic.

_ARC0073 _ARC0349 _ARC0563 _ARC0022 _ARC0188 _ARC0599



Alberta Ferretti: I have always had a fascination with hippies. I think its such a beautiful existence to live your life with love and peace, and I have to admit, that I have always loved the hippie sense of style. This collection takes that carefree spirit always present in hippie style and applies it to a modern wardrobe. From the fringe to the florals and the loose silhouettes and the gladiator sandals, it is quite clear that hippies have heavily influenced this collection. However, the thing that keeps this collection from looking like a Halloween costume, is how you could take any piece and wear it today because of the modernity in the structure and the styling of each look. Beautiful collection!

_AG16828 _AG16937 _AG16971 _AG17319 _AG17217 _AG17064



No. 21: I LOVE this collection. Mostly because I want to wear all of it. This collection is the perfect combination of chic and elegant but still trendy and sexy. From the sumptuous fabrics used in every piece to the to-die-for gift-wrapped shoes, everything about this collection screams luxury. But, pairing luxury with plaid or military-inspired looks or crop tops, brings the collection back down to earth a little bit and makes it something that fashion girls can wear everyday.

_UMB2188 _UMB2371 _UMB2513 _UMB2842 _UMB2738 _UMB2250



Emporio Armani: This collection is so well done. And, what else would you expect of Armani?? The diversity of pieces is amazing, but the constant theme of nautical-inspired, everyday, wearable pieces is ever present in each look. From a business look with trousers and a blazer to a nighttime look with a bright blue cocktail dress to everything in between, there is literally a piece or look for every occasion that you may have come spring and summer!!

EMP_0217 EMP_0303 EMP_0664 EMP_0692 EMP_0361 EMP_0095


Blumarine: To me, this collection is what I would imagine a woodland fairy, who somehow found her way to a modern day city, would wear in order to blend in. The silhouettes are rather modern and sleek but the use of the florals, petals, and rosettes creates a rather ethereal quality that makes the girl in the pieces seem otherworldly.

BLU_0038 BLU_0196 BLU_0238 BLU_0093 BLU_0359 BLU_0475


Missoni: If I owned a villa in the Tuscan countryside, this is what I would want my wardrobe to look like. This collection is so quintessentially Italian countryside with its flowy silhouettes, its muted colors and rather carefree vibe. It is also rather quintessentially Missoni with its gorgeous yet subtle patterns. Perhaps in my next life I will inherit a villa in the rolling hills of Tuscany and I’ll be able to wear these pieces while I sit in my vineyard sipping on wine and eating cheese. Oh to dream!

MIS_0091 MIS_0172 MIS_0246 MIS_0472 MIS_0454 MIS_0362


Agnona: The Agnona girl means business and she is not to be messed with. The structure, the sleek lines, the muted palette all points to a girl who is ambitious and persistent and who always has her eyes on the prize (whatever that may be). She never takes no for an answer and she is quite certain that she will achieve her goals and become a success. To me, this collection is the modern day version of the 80’s power suit. Love it!!

Agnona_001_1366 Agnona_004_1366 Agnona_009_1366 Agnona_008_1366 Agnona_010_1366 Agnona_003_1366


Bally: When I think of women in Milan, this is how I imagine them to be dressed. Chic. Elegant. Effortless. Cool. I love this collection so much because of how perfectly wearable and classic each piece is. These pieces will not go out of style come fall or even next spring and summer. That’s what makes this collection so great: the timeless quality coupled with the effortless chic-ness.

Bally_001_1366 Bally_009_1366 Bally_010_1366 Bally_003_1366 Bally_006_1366Bally_004_1366



Ermmano Scervino: I loved this collection because of the details. At first glance, the pieces seem simple. But when you take a long look at each look, you begin to see the exquisite details in each look. The gorgeous snakeskin print on the coat. The touches of rosettes on the blazer. The embossed florals on the coat. The glittery fabric of the dress. and so on and so on. Combining these subtle details with the simple silhouettes and soft colors creates the perfect balance of decadence and subtlety.

Ermanno_Scervino_029_1366 Ermanno_Scervino_014_1366 Ermanno_Scervino_010_1366 Ermanno_Scervino_007_1366 Ermanno_Scervino_038_1366 Ermanno_Scervino_019_1366


Bottega Veneta: This collection is the epitome of wearable sportswear. Simple clean lines. Comfortable yet luxurious fabrics. And small eye-catching details that keep the pieces fashion-forward and chic. The combination creates looks that are wearable, yet chic and trendy. These are pieces that the everyday woman will wear for years to come.

BOT_0122 BOT_0199 BOT_0425 BOT_0581 BOT_0621 BOT_0375


Emilio Pucci: So while Gucci took the inspiration of the 70’s city girl and Alberta Ferretti took the inspiration of the 70’s hippie, Pucci took both and created a collection that has hippie elements (the billowy silhouettes), 70’s nightclub elements (thigh-skimming dresses) and modern elements (gorgeous fabrics and patterns). It has a little something for everyone, whether you’re feeling casual and relaxed or you want to be glamourous and lavish.

_MON0004 _MON0239 _MON0580 _MON0083 _MON0156 _MON0447


Dolce & Gabbana: My favorite collection at Milan Fashion Week. Without a doubt, nobody does luxury and decadence quite like Dolce & Gabbana. Taking inspiration from the matadors and flamenco dancers of Spain, the duo created a collection that is incredibly beautiful with sumptuous fabrics and sexy silhouettes that creates breathtaking looks. I would probably give just about anything for one of the shift dresses  or the gorgeous lace gowns from this collection. Perhaps Dolce & Gabbana will take me up on this offer!

DOL_0820 DOL_0809 DOL_0080 DOL_0093 DOL_0234 DOL_0656


And, so that ends Milan Fashion Week. Up next, the mother of all fashion weeks: Paris Fashion Week!


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