London Fashion Week: My Favorite Collections

London Fashion Week is the second of 4 fashion weeks that occur during fashion month. London has always been a great mix of edgy and feminine. The Spring/Summer 2015 collections followed this tradition of English fashion. From the gorgeous flirty florals with subtle cutouts at Erdem to the sleek pieces in soft white at Amanda Wakeley, London Fashion Week was the perfect balance of edgy and sexy yet flirty and fun!


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Check out my favorite collections below!!


Amanda Wakeley: Every single piece in this collection is white. Oftentimes when an entire collection is white, it can fall flat because it seems like every piece is the same. But what Amanda Wakeley does so well in this collection is create looks that are all different, but all have the common theme of sleek, sexy, and very modern but also feminine and fun. Love it!!

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Paul Costolloe: I have always said that I was born in the wrong decade, the problem is I always bounce around which decade I think I was meant for. One day, I think I should have been a ’20s flapper dancing the night away in Chicago, another day, I’m imagining myself as a ’70s hippie, making my own jewelry at Woodstock. On the days that I picture myself as a ’60’s bombshell, I literally think of myself in the pieces in this collection. Babydoll dresses in luxurious fabrics and bright, beautiful colors. But, the best thing about this collection is that even though the silhouettes are very much a throwback, certain cuts and draping of each piece make them modern and totally wearable today. Perhaps, I can get one of the coats and live out my dream of being Brigitte Bardot one day!

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Erdem: Usually when a collection has floral elements, it evokes fun, flirty, and girly, but this collection the florals are somehow dark and edgy, but still feminine. I don’t imagine young girls frolicking in the meadows when I look at this collection, rather I see somewhat of a modern take on Catherine from Wuthering Heights. Moody, edgy, and serious. I could imagine a modern-day Catherine standing on the English seaside cliffs with the fog rolling in wearing one of these pieces. Absolutely beautiful collection!!

ERD_0358 ERD_0108 ERD_0326ERD_0262ERD_0078 ERD_0190


Emilia Wickstead: Emilia Wickstead is without a doubt one of my favorite lines that shows at LFW. Every season she presents a collection that is more beautiful than the last. What I love about this collection is the beauty in its simplicity. There aren’t any crazy prints or unusual shapes and silhouettes. The silhouettes are simple, classic, and sleek and the fabrics and colors used are so beautiful and sumptuous, that when you mix it all together, it creates a gorgeous collection that is modern, eye-catching but still so simple and wearable. I shall be dreaming of this collection tonight.

DSC_0516 DSC_0433 DSC_0371 DSC_0484 DSC_0305 DSC_0382


Julien MacDonald: This collection is what I imagine a European socialite who comes from a good family and who travels the world over, living a beautiful and exciting life. The dresses are sexy but elegant and the pieces are subtle but sure to catch anyone’s eye, even perhaps a style section photographer at a charity event. A truly beautiful collection!!

_AG13259 _AG13382 _AG13190 _AG12696 _AG12877 _AG12989


Topshop Unique: If you ask my friends, I say at least once a week “I LOVE Topshop!!” I truly do love Topshop and might just make excursions up to The Grove in LA to check out the flagship store there. And, this collection solidified why I love Topshop so much. The pieces are so incredibly wearable but the pieces are beautiful and chic. Its the perfect balance between trendy and fashion-forward but still wearable and adaptable from the runway to everyday life. So, like I said before I LOVE Topshop!!

_AG16850 _AG16404 _AG16338 _AG16590 _AG16631 _AG16790


Marchesa: As always, Marchesa is perfection. From the subtle and delicate touches of lace to the gorgeous use of florals, this collection is like a dream. It evokes an Italian spirit of countryside relaxation and beauty. I can imagine a Fellini film where the heroine is wearing one of these pieces and looks so effortlessly chic as she strolls along the Amalfi Coast. Once again, absolute perfection!!

NCK_1409 NCK_1253 NCK_1278 NCK_1241 NCK_1358 NCK_1476


Preen by Thornton Bregazzi: There are some styles of dressing that I will always love, no matter the season. One is perfectly created here: nautical prep. This collection is so perfectly nautical with its palette of blues, whites, and reds. I could just see an incredibly chic woman on an impeccable yacht wearing one of these dresses as it blows around so beautifully in the wind. Or, sitting by a bonfire on the beach in the wide-leg pants and cozy cable-knit sweater. Perhaps, I can live out my dream of a summer in Nantucket in this collection!

IMG_1398 IMG_1144 IMG_1276 IMG_1540 IMG_1066 IMG_1175


Marios Schwab: This collection is a beautiful combination of classic English rose with a little bit of edge. The structured pieces of the trench coat, jackets, and pants are very rigid and sleek and the geometric shapes on the dresses are so beautifully juxtaposed against the sexy cut outs. The combination creates a collection that satisfies a woman’s desire to be chic but also a little sexy. Combine that with the deep palette and you have a collection that is serious, sexy, and elegant. Love!

_AG15951 _AG15545 _AG16117 _AG16028 _AG15597 _AG15853


Temperley London: What I love about this collection is that it takes the boho trend that was so popular several years ago and it updates it for today’s fashionable girl. The pieces are flowy but theres also a bit of structure in the jackets and skirts. Combining the loose, flirty and carefree silhouettes with touches of structure gives a great balance for the girl who wants to be flirty and free but also wants a little bit of edge. I also love the pastel palette, as it is so perfectly spring!!

NCK_2618 NCK_2473 NCK_2861 NCK_2380 NCK_2390 NCK_2513


That’s all for London Fashion Week!! Milan Fashion Week starts today so stay updated on the blog with all my favorite looks from each day of MFW!!



Beeta J.

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