John Galliano Loses Wrongful Termination Suit

John Galliano has lost his wrongful termination lawsuit against Christian Dior and his namesake line, John Galliano. Let’s go back a couple years to 2011. One of the biggest stories to hit the fashion industry: John Galliano was arrested for an anti-Semitic tirade in a Parisian bar. This led to his suspension and eventual termination of his tenure as creative director for Christian Dior and John Galliano, both owned by LVMH (Galliano, however, retains 91% ownership of his namesake brand).


Galliano then sued both brands in 2012 for wrongful termination claiming that LVMH had no cause for terminating his employment and asked for nearly $18 million in damages. LVMH attempted to dismiss the lawsuit to commercial court arguing that Galliano was a subcontractor and not an employee. However in February of this year, the French Labour Relations Court held that it would hear the case in its court.

Galliano’s argument was that because LVMH was aware of Galliano’s propensity for drugs and alcohol, the luxury goods conglomerate not only owed a duty of care to Galliano but failed to exercise this duty. Galliano also testified that the pressures of being creative director for such a well-known brand contributed to his addictions. Thus because LVMH was aware of his addictions, his termination based on the anti-Semitic tirade that was spurred by his addictions was not a sufficient cause to end his tenure at Christian Dior and John Galliano.

Well, it seems that Galliano has lost his fight against the formidable LVMH. The French Labour Relations Court decided this week that Galliano’s claims bear no merit and that he was not owed any damages. It, however, ordered the designer to pay each fashion house 1 euro as a symbol of the damages he may have caused Dior and John Galliano as a result of his antics in 2011.

There’s no word on whether Galliano will appeal this decision.




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