John Galliano Appeals French Labor Court’s Decision

In November of last year, John Galliano lost a wrongful termination suit against his former employers, Christian Dior and his namesake label, John Galliano, both of which Galliano was the head designer of until the two fashion houses fired him after a very public anti-Semetic rant that occurred in a Parisian bar in early 2011.


This week, Galliano has appealed the decision of the court. Galliano had originally claimed that LVMH, which owns and operates both brands, knew of his dependency on alcohol and drugs and that his termination was wrongful, as such he was entitled to damages.

The court held that his claim bore no merit and that he was not entitled to any monetary damages. Rather, the court directed Galliano to pay each fashion house a symbolic 1 euro for any damage the houses may have endured from his tirade in 2011.

Galliano has since gone to rehab and worked to revamp his image and has also begun his tenure as head designer at Maison Martin Margiela.

Galliano’s lawyer, Chantal Giraud-van Gaver of Coblence & Associés, told Women’s Wear Daily, that its likely that the case won’t be heard until 2017.

Stay tuned!!


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