ITC To Investigate Converse’s Trademark Infringement Claims

In October, Converse sued 31 brands and retailers in federal court claiming trademark infringement of its iconic shoe, the Chuck Taylor. The companies sued range from Wal-Mart and H&M to Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren. Along with its federal lawsuit, the shoe brand submitted a complaint to the International Trade Commission.

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Converse’s Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers

Converse has claimed that the brands and retailers have violated section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, which governs the importation of products into the United States. It asked the ITC to impose an exclusion order preventing any import of any products that may be deemed as infringing of Converse’s trademarks.

Last Wednesday, the ITC said that it would be investigating into Converse’s complaint. In the complaint, Converse has alleged that it has been fighting infringement for years now and has spent over $1 million investigating the marketplace for counterfeits, has spent an additional hundreds of thousands of dollars employing investigators and attorneys to enforce their trademarks, and has sent more than 180 letters asking the brands to cease and desist the production and sale of their infringing products.

As such, Converse believes that it’s time for the ITC to step in and prevent the import of any products that infringe the shoe brand’s trademarks of its iconic shoe. An administrative judge will conduct an investigation in relation to the ITC complaint and will determine whether or not the brands and retailers have truly violated section 337. This determination is then subject to review by the ITC.

Stay tuned for more about the ITC review and the federal case…

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