My Italian Holiday – Day 1 – Naples

After 24 hours of traveling, my family and I finally arrived yesterday to the beautiful town of Napoli in the South of Italy. And, while yesterday was technically our first day in Naples, we mostly just ate and slept, which means that today was our first real day!!

In the morning, we checked out some stores and did some shopping, then we took a tour of the city and got to see how truly beautiful this little city by the sea really is (not to mention how AMAZING the food is!!) Check out all the pictures from my first day in Napoli below!!

My outfit for the day was a perfect mix of comfortable and cute. Since it’s pretty warm in Napoli, I went with a very light and thin blue and white striped top from Urband Outfitters, my favorite dark wash jean shorts from The Gap, blue Bensimon sneakers, and my off-white Chloe crossbody bag.

The Gucci wall

So being a Jafari family vacation, we had to check out what the shopping scene is like in Napoli. There are some cute boutiques and an area with designer stores like Gucci, Pravda, Ferragamo and more. I was slightly obsessed with this filigree mirror at the Gucci store. The second I saw I was wondering if I could do that with a ‘B’!!

Lunch at Mazzotti

After we checked out the shops, we stopped for lunch at Mazzotti, a little hole in the wall restaurant. My sister and I ordered the margherita pizza and the bolognese pasta to share. To say we devoured it would be and understatement. I didn’t even have time to take a picture of the pizza before we started scarfing it down. Definitely somewhere I’d like to go back!!

The historical district

After lunch and a little rest at the hotel, we took a tour of the city. Our driver drove us all around the city from the historical district in the center of the city to the tops of the hills which provided the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean. The photo above is of a tiny little street in the historical center of the city where there were tons of souvenir shops selling figurines, key chains, and the like.

When we hit our afternoon slump and were sleepy from the jetlag, we asked our driver to stop somewhere for a quick coffee break and he took us to a little coffee shop at the top of one of the Napoli hills. My cappuccino and chocolate covered cookies were exactly what I needed to put a little pep in my step for the rest of our tour!

The rest of the tour, our driver showed us the most beautiful and picturesque views of the city, the coastline and the sea. Every sight looked like a postcard and was truly breathtaking. I could have just stayed there all day watching the city and sea below me.

It was truly a perfect day in Napoli. Stay tuned, because tomorrow we’re going to tour the Amalfi Coast, which I’ve heard is beautiful!!

Beeta J.

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