Fashion Month S/S 14: Paris

And, finally, we come to Paris!! Where style and fashion was born. There were so many amazing and gorgeous collections presented. It was tough to narrow down my favorites, since every collection made me ooohh and aaahhh!! But, alas, I had to choose my favorites. They range from the classics like Chanel, Valentino, and Balenciaga to up and comers Leonard, Vionnet, and Alexis Mabille.


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Check out my favorite collections below!!

BALENCIAGA: It seems crop tops are here to stay (good thing I started taking bar method classes!) I love this collection because of the clean lines and the beautiful floral prints. I also love how the floral prints aren’t  just the conventional spring colors, but also the neutral colors of black and white. It takes the conventional use of florals in spring and summer and gives it a nice and modern twist. I also love the structure of the shorts and pants. Such a beautiful twist on a staple!!

balenciaga8 balenciaga7 balenciaga6 balenciaga5 balenciaga4 balenciaga3


ALEXIS MABILLE: Take a tough, no-nonsense girl and mix in some effortless Parisian chic-ness and you have this collection. The touches of bondage-style bralettes under feminine tops and dresses are such a beautiful contrast that balance each other out so well. I also love that the palette is jewel-toned colors mixed in with army green. I need the snakeskin bomber jacket. Immediately. Beautiful collection.

alexismabille6 alexismabille5 alexismabille4 alexismabille3 alexismabille2 alexismabille1


LEONARD: This is an up and coming line I am really starting to love. The collection presented everything from a sexy bandage style dress, and a gorgeous floral print jacket to the perfect tuxedo vest and little black dress. This line really shows all different aspects of a woman’s life and provides the perfect outfit for it. I’m particularly dying over the cream and blue blouse. Wouldn’t mind having that hanging in my closet!

leonard1 leonard2 leonard3 leonard4 leonard5 leonard6


CHRISTIAN DIOR: Ahh Dior. This collection is so eclectic and beautiful. While it looks like its a departure from the classic Dior look, there are elements of the New Look for today’s modern woman. From the outfit with the green top and pastel pink skirt to the gorgeous black jacket dress. I particularly love the metallic oversized peplum top with the skinny black pants. I can definitely see the young Hollywood starlet wearing this outfit out to dinner. I am also dying over the black crop top with the beautiful black cardigan. Such a great collection!

cd1 cd2 cd3 cd4 cd5 cd6


DRIES VAN NOTEN: Whenever a collection has hints of gold in the looks, I instantly love it. This collection is so beautiful because the clothes are so simple yet so elegant. There’s not a lot happening in each piece, but each look has something that makes it stand out, such as the gold print pencil skirt, the floral racerback top, or the striped red coat. Mixing these standout pieces with basic staples really makes the looks beautiful without being overbearing.

dries1 dries2 dries3  dries5 dries6 dries7


CHANEL: No Paris fashion week would be complete without Chanel. This season, the Kaiser, went for an art theme which evokes images of cool downtown chicks who are a little edgy but also appreciate the beauty and elegance of uptown chic. You can see this range in the pieces presented, such as the classic tweed jacket and dress which is edged up a bit either with cut off sleeves or being paired with hot pink plaid dress. I also love the pieces that feature the watercolor print. Its such a beautiful print and is really the perfect thing to wear come springtime.

chanel1 chanel7 chanel6chanel4 chanel2 chanel5


NINA RICCI: A music sheet printed pencil skirt? check. A sheer metallic skirt? check a comfy sweater with lace panels? check Let’s just say this collection has everything I love. I would instantly buy the lace dress with the white overcoat in a heartbeat. Its so beautiful and effortless. The floral printed jacket and skirt are also so gorgeous. The highlight for me though is the gold jacket and skirt. This is literally what I imagine myself wearing when I imagine myself running my company in 10 years. Absolute perfection.

ninaricci1 ninaricci2 ninaricci3 ninaricci4  ninaricci6 ninaricci7


ISABEL MARANT: Talk about cool girl. Isabel Marant has always been the label that I feel like the cool and chic fashionistas who love style and always look flawlessly chic but never seem to really put that much effort into their outfits are constantly wearing. I can see a bevy of stylish fashion interns walking the halls of the storied magazine offices, design studios or PR offices wearing the white halter dress with a vintage jean jacket thrown over it or the sequin cardigan with a pair of khaki trousers and springtime wedges. This collection is so effortlessly cool, I absolutely love it and hope that I can be as nonchalantly chic as an Isabel Marant girl.

isabelmarant1 isabelmarant2 isabelmarant3  isabelmarant5 isabelmarant6 isabelmarant7


VALENTINO: One word. Gorgeous. Absolutely Gorgeous. The prints, the lines, the shapes all come together to create a collection that both myself and my mother would die for. I love how the prints are rather Byzantum and the pieces are mixed in with basic tops. Such as the blue maxi skirt with pleats that reveal your legs, paired with a simple blue Oxford. This look reminds us that we don’t have to go overboard on every piece of out outfit to stand out. I also love the red and black dress with the sheer sleeves. Such a beautiful dress with clean lines and a gorgeous palette. I think I have to start saving the pennies!

valentino1 valentino2 valentino3  valentino5 valentino6 valentino7


GIAMBATTISTA VALLI: As I’m sure is obvious by the collections that I usually love, I am a sucker for monochrome looks. I think when a monochrome look with neutral colors can stand out as beautiful and not boring, you’ve really achieved style icon status. This collection is not short on style icon moments. The white dress with geometric ruffles, the black dress with a waist high slit, the gorgeous sheer lace black dress. All so incredibly beautiful because they are so simple but also so chic.

valli1 valli2 valli3 valli6 valli4 valli5


SAINT LAURENT: Another cool girl collection. To me Saint Laurent is the epitome of cool fashionista without a care in the world. I love the new takes on the classic YSL smoking jacket. From the grey printed long jacket to the classic tuxedo to the sequin cropped jacket and finally the gold dress that is so reminiscent of an oversized tuxedo jacket. I love how Heidi Slimane takes the classic looks and touches of his predecessor and makes them his own for the new generation. Beautiful!

saintlaurent1 saintlaurent2  saintlaurent4 saintlaurent5 saintlaurent6  saintlaurent8


And so ends September Fashion Month. As usual, the designers and brands presented amazing collections with beautiful pieces which means no one has an excuse to not look their best come springtime!!


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