Fashion Month S/S 14: New York

Ahhh September. A new season, with the promise of leaves changing color, winds becoming crisper, and the prelude to the holiday season. But, the best part about September? Fashion Week!! Or, rather Fashion Month, New York, London, Milan, and Paris each getting a week for the designers in their respective towns to showcase the collections they have been working on for months.

New York Fashion Week started last week on the 4th and finished Thursday on the 12th. And, per usual, the collections did not disappoint.

I loved so many of the collections and it was so hard to narrow down my favorites, but below are my top collections from New York! And, let’s just say these pieces are making my heart ache for springtime!

New_York_City_at_night_HDR_edit1 copy


original image: Paulo Barcello Jr. 

ADAM LIPPES: What I love about this collection is that while sometimes designers take Spring/Summer so literal and try to incorporate as many light colors and florals and bright prints in their collections, so people will really understand that the collection is S/S, this collection shows that s S/S collection doesn’t have to be bright and floral to exude spring. The only prints in this collections are animal prints and the colors are very neutral and muted colors. But, the way the pieces were designed give off an air of lightness that is often associated with the seasons of spring and summer. The pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

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al3 al2 al1


ELIZABETH AND JAMES: Elizabeth and James is by far one of my most favorite brands. And, the reason is because of it is so wearable. While some pieces from some collections are so incredibly beautiful and breathtaking, imagining yourself wearing those pieces is something akin to dreaming of being a princess. And, while I do believe that dreaming is necessary in life and most importantly in fashion, my real life needs clothes that are more reality-based than fairytale-based. These pieces are perfect for my real life. They are so versatile but also incredibly chic. The model could have walked out of this presentation and down the street and the only second looks she would get would be from other fashionistas admiring her style and taste.

ej1 ej2 ej3

ej4 ej5 ej6


PRABAL GURUNG: The second I saw this collection all I wanted to do was summer on a yacht of the coast of Brazil in the ’60s so that I too could look so incredibly chic and sexy. This collection exudes of a bygone era when men and women used to dress up for every occasion from a debutant ball to going to the airport. The pastel colors combined with the gorgeous silhouettes are absolutely breathtaking. Here’s to hoping I’ll be taking a yacht around South America come springtime so I can snag these pieces and fit right in.

pg1 pg2 pg3

pg4 pg5 pg6


MARCHESA: Ah Marchesa. Not a single season goes by where I don’t gasp with joy and wonder at the creations paraded down the Marchesa runway. And this collection definitely filled me with happiness. If you know my style, you know I LOVE lace and embroidery. And what Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig did with the the lace and embroidery in this collection is absolutely gorgeous. It’s incredibly romantic and classic but also very modern with its crop tops and sheer fabric. I love every single piece in the collection.

marchesa1 marchesa2 marchesa3

marchesa4 marchesa5 marchesa6


RACHEL ZOE: Whenever I see Rachel Zoe’s collection, I remember why she is such a successful stylist. She understands what it means to dress for the everyday while still being fashionable and chic. These pieces are so gorgeous but they aren’t too gorgeous or unique that they can’t be worn with a normal outfit you would wear to work or to drinks or shopping. I may offer my firstborn child for the trench dress, or the brown leather jacket, or the gorgeous forest green silk shorts, or the incredibly well-tailored leather pants. In fact, all of it is absolute perfection. She really is coming into her own as a designer as she should.

rz1 rz2 rz3

rz5 rz4 rz6


ALICE AND OLIVIA: I follow Stacey Bendet on Instagram because she has the most amazing eclectic chic style and I wish I had her closet. This style and taste that I die over every time I see a new Insta snap is the reason why I love Alice and Olivia so much. She takes classic shapes and silhouettes and she gives it a little twist and a little edge. The jackets and sweaters are my favorite pieces by far and I may have to pick up a couple come springtime!

ao1 ao2 ao3

ao4 ao5 ao6


RACHEL ROY: Another brand that creates pieces that are gorgeous but wearable everyday and that are classic enough to last more than a season. Rachel Roy’s aesthetic has always been minimalism meets edge. There isn’t a lot happening in each piece but the overall effect is very profound and deeply felt. A simple cutout here, a small embellishment there takes basic pieces to the next level.

rr1 rr2 rr3

rr4 rr5 rr6



BADGLEY MISCHKA: Now Badgley Mischka is all about dreaming in the most beautiful sense of the word. Every piece is full of promise and hope of a beautiful day or evening where anything is possible because of the gorgeous and breathtaking confection you are wearing. This collection also does a great job of creating that sense of lightness that a spring collection should exude. Every piece is beautiful and makes me wish I were a modern day fairytale princess.

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bm3 bm2 bm1


CATHERINE MALANDRINO: I love this collection because it is the definition of the cool and chic ‘it’ girl. I feel like the cool girls of New York, L.A., Paris, Milan and the world over, who always look effortlessly chic will be wearing these pieces come spring. I predict a fashionista wearing the red, white and blue jumpsuit at a casual Fourth of July BBQ next summer. From the breathtaking plunge of the bright pink gown to the daring cut outs to the crop tops, these pieces give off the air of nonchalant chicness. I hope I am cool off to wear one of these pieces in spring and summer!

cm1 cm2 cm3

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See ya in London!!

Beeta J.

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