Couture Shows: Fall 2014

Mmmm, couture. I live for the couture shows because this is where the créme de la créme of designers, who have earned the right to be called couturiers, take us into a fantasy land where all our fashion dreams come true. And, the fall 2014 shows did not disappoint. The runways were full of dreamy confections, avant-garde pieces, and fanciful looks. Check out my favorites below!


Christian Dior: I love this collection because its so simple yet so beautiful. The silhouettes are the true stars in this collection, from the bell-shaped dress to the princess-cut gown, combing the shapes with the neutral colors creates truly beautiful pieces. These pieces make me think of a Winter Wonderland where you can just frolic about in the snow!

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Valentino: What Valentino always seems to do so well, especially in his couture collections, is take looks that have a fair amount of fabric and make them seem so light and airy. The pieces are just breathtaking and seem as if they have no weight to them whatsoever. The color palette is just exquisite as well, combined with the simple patterns on several of the dresses, it takes simple yet intriguing to another level.

valentino4 valentino3 valentino1valentino2 valentino5 valentino6

Alexis Mabille: When I first saw this collection, my immediate thought was “If I ever go to Russia in the wintertime, I need this collection.” I had an immediate imagining of me sauntering through Moscow and St. Petersburg from party to party in these beautiful pieces, that somehow remind me of the detail and coloring in the buildings in St. Petersburg. The richness of the colors and the details of the lace are just gorgeous.

alexis4 alexis2 alexis1alexis3 22.nocrop.w840.h1330 alexis6

Giambattista Valli: What I love most about this collection is the details, from the fabrics and colors to the patterns and the flower appliqués, everything has a purpose and everything coexists to create a gorgeous piece. Combining these pieces with the effortless chic styling of the hair and makeup makes this collection seem like the epitome of Italian chic: wake up, throw something terribly chic on and go on about your day.

valli2 valli5 valli6valli4 valli7 valli1

Ulyana Sergenko: This collection is a beautiful combination of a throwback with ’40 elements from the lace, to the shapes of the gowns and modern elegance. The color palette is absolutely gorgeous as well, from the vibrant gold and blue to the muted pink and grey. I particularly love the skirt and sweater looks that combine a soft, cozy sweater with a skirt made from beautiful and luxurious silk or leather. The entire collection is just gorgeous.

ulyanasergeenko6 ulyanasergeenko3 ulyanasergeenko2ulyanasergeenko4 ulyanasergeenko1 ulyanasergeenko5

Zuhair Muhad: This collection was made for the red carpet. There is literally something for everyone. From the demure and classic silver princess gown for the ingenue to the daring and vivacious red gown with a thigh high slit for the bombshell. There’s even something for the daring with a tuxedo inspired skirt and jacket combination. And, if the celebrity needs a dress for the after party, this collection has got you covered too. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see several of these pieces on the red carpet soon.

zuhair6 zuhair4 zuhair2zuhair5 zuhair3 zuhair1

Chanel: There’s a reason why Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld are synonymous with timeless and classic. Every season, every collection the Kaiser creates a new collection and look that is so fresh, yet so timeless and so classically Chanel. Every detail in this collection from the patterns and buttons to the silhouettes and fabrics are basically made for Chanel, but aren’t something we have seen before. If a genie gave me three wishes, one of them would be to own a piece of Chanel couture. Just one, I don’t want to be greedy, after all.

chanel3 chanel5 chanel2chanel4 chanel6 chanel1

Elie Saab: Crystals! and Lace! and Sparkle! Oh my! Oh my, indeed. For a Persian girl who loves sparkle, shine and lace: this is my dream. Even though the dresses are probably so heavy from all that material, the way they fall on the body, they look so light and fun. I feel like I could dance all night long in one of these dresses. You know, if I was able to commission couture gowns for myself. Ah, to dream.

eliesaab5 eliesaab6 eliesaab3eliesaab4 eliesaab2 eliesaab1

photos: NY Magazine

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