Chanel Wins Suit Against Business Owner Who Used Her Own Name

Back in September, CHANEL sued Indiana native Chanel Jones, for using her name in the name of her salon, Chanel’s Salon, claiming she was infringing on at least nine of CHANEL’s trademarks. It seems the court has sided with CHANEL on this one and has ordered Jones to cease any use of the word “CHANEL” in connection with her salon and other business ventures.


The court has entered a consent judgment last week, ordering Jones to no longer use “CHANEL” as “as a business name, trade name, company name, corporate name, d/b/a, fictitious business name, trademark, service mark, domain name or to otherwise identify any business, services or products,” or in any advertising or social media outlets.

The court also ordered Jones to destroy any materials bearing the word “CHANEL” by February 15, 2015.

It may seem a bit harsh for a court to prevent a small business owner from using her name in connection with her business, especially since so many businesses bear the name of the founder/owner. But, this holding is the basis of trademark protection: protecting an entity’s goodwill and reputation by preventing others to trade on that goodwill, even if it was done so without intent or harm.

Beeta J.

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