Taylor Swift Responds to Trademark Lawsuit

A couple months ago, Taylor Swift was sued by apparel company, Lucky 13, for trademark infringement. The brand, owned by Blue Sphere Inc., took issue with some merchandise that Swift sold on her website that contained the phrase “Lucky 13.” The suit claims that the merchandise confuses consumers as to the origin of the products because Lucky 13 and Swift have the same target market.


“Taylor Swift” By David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons

Swift’s legal team filed their answer on Monday in federal court in California. In the answer, Swift argues that it’s not possible that consumers confuse Swift’s merchandise with that of Lucky 13. The answer points out the Lucky 13 is deemed a “fashion retailer with exclusive designs for me and women ¬†and children of the true American Rockabilly Pride!”

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Taylor Swift Sued Over Lucky 13 Trademark

Taylor Swift has been sued by apparel company, Lucky 13, for trademark infringement. Lucky 13 is an apparel company based in Anaheim, CA that sells contemporary clothing for both men and women, while Swift has often used the number 13 in her songs and merchandise as she’s said that 13 is her lucky number because she was born on December 13 and many of her career milestones are marked by the number 13.


Robert Kloetzly, founder of the brand, which has a federally registered trademark of “Luky 13” is claiming that Swift’s apparent use of the phrase on clothing and merchandise that she sells on her website, is an infringement of his rights as the trademark holder.

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