My Italian Holiday – Day 5 – Cinque Terre

Yesterday morning, we left Naples to head to the an area along the coast of Italy known as Cinque Terre. This is the name given to five villages that are nestled in the cliffs along the sea. It took 8 hours, 3 trains rides, running through a train station, and lugging our suitcases up and down stairs. Halfway through the trip, I wondered to myself is this all worth it? And then I saw it: the breathtaking views of the most beautiful pace I had ever seen.

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My Italian Holiday – Day 3 – Pompeii

Today, my sister and I visited the ruins of the hidden city of Pompeii. I love history and love visiting historical sites like Pompeii.

Pompeii was a bustling city that existed up until 79 A.D when Mount Vesuvius erupted and the city was covered in about 20 feet of ash. The city was pretty well preserved and a good portion of the city is still undiscovered and archeologists are still digging. My sister and I really enjoyed seeing the city and all the buildings, homes, and artwork. It really felt like we were stepping back in time.

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My Italian Holiday – Day 2 – Amalfi Coast

Here we are on day 2 of Jafari Family Vacation 2014!! Today we took a tour of beautiful Amalfi Coast, which is about an hour drive from Naples.

Amalfi is a little village along the southern coast of Italy and it truly feels like you’re going back in time when you visit the village. The buildings are beautiful old buildings with intricate artwork, the streets are tiny and cobble-stoned, and the view of the sea is just breathtaking.

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My Italian Holiday – Day 1 – Naples

After 24 hours of traveling, my family and I finally arrived yesterday to the beautiful town of Napoli in the South of Italy. And, while yesterday was technically our first day in Naples, we mostly just ate and slept, which means that today was our first real day!!

In the morning, we checked out some stores and did some shopping, then we took a tour of the city and got to see how truly beautiful this little city by the sea really is (not to mention how AMAZING the food is!!) Check out all the pictures from my first day in Napoli below!!

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