LC Lauren Conrad Flats Reminiscent of Chloé Flats

The other day I was scrolling Instagram as I usually do and I came across this Instagram from Lauren Conrad‘s website featuring super cute, blush LC Lauren Conrad scalloped ballet flats.

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 Now, because I was scrolling rather quickly, the first thought that went through my mind was “Look! It’s my Chloé flats!” I was, of course, referring to Chloé‘s latest rendition of their ultra comfortable flats: the Lauren ballerina flat.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.22.44 PM via

But, on closer inspection, I realized that the image was actually posted by Conrad’s website – a website I love, it has a lot of great posts about fashion and health — and featured a pair of flats that are part of the reality starlet’s clothing line with Kohl’s. I could not believe the similarity between the Chloé version and the LC Lauren Conrad version. They are nearly identical. To be fair, both flats are fairly simple and the only design element that they share is the scalloped design.

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Are These Tops Copying Trends or Copying Designs?

This past weekend, I was doing my usual perusal  of online shopping sites like Nordstrom, Lulu’s and of course the ever-trendy Nasty Gal, when I came across two tops that made me wonder where the line between copying trends and copying designs is, because the two tops I came across were copies of ASTR tops I had purchased over the past year. The first top was this pink halter top with a cropped back and buttons down the back from Nasty Gal.


It’s an incredibly cute and sexy top. And, it looked so familiar to me because I bought an nearly identical if not identical ASTR top from Nordstrom last year.


The two tops are strikingly similar. Both are flowy tops with high neck halter necks, a cropped back, and 5 buttons that line the back.

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