Staff International and Roberto Cavalli Extend Just Cavalli Licensing Deal

Staff International, the production company owned by Diesel’s parent company Only The Brave, has renewed its license with Roberto Cavalli for his contemporary line, Just Cavalli. The licensing deal first came to fruition in 2011 when Cavalli and Staff International signed a 10-year licensing agreement giving Staff International full control over the manufacture and distribution of the Just Cavalli line. The extension comes 8 years prior to the expiration of the agreement and is being extended to the year 2031 with an option to renew for 5 more years after that.


Licensing agreements are very common occurrences within the fashion industry, particularly when luxury brands begin to expand into contemporary lines, children’s lines, men’s lines, and so on. When expansion occurs, the namesake brand typically does not have the resources and capabilities to be able to manage all the different lines that have offshoot from the original brand. As such, many brands license the rights of manufacture and distribution to companies such as Staff International who have the capabilities to produce the lines for the brands.

The tricky thing is making sure to find the right company to license the rights of distribution to. A brand has to make sure that every product that is manufactured is up to the standards of the brand’s quality and aesthetic. Similarly, the brand has to ensure that the retailers the company distributes the line to is in keeping with the brand’s reputation. It can be very easy to lose control over the line’s production and distribution standards which can then affect the original brand’s reputation and brand worth.

When Cavalli first signed this agreement with Staff International, the Just Cavalli line was underperforming. However, after the agreement went into effect for the spring 2012 collection, sales increased with the line seeing a growth of 28% every year.

In fact, Roberto Cavalli CEO Daniele Corvasce told Women’s Wear Daily, “We are very satisfied with the results achieved by the Just Cavalli line thus far: In two years, thanks to the collaboration with Staff International, Just Cavalli has returned to being recognized as one of the world’s most iconic brands within the casual and contemporary sectors. The resources, the enthusiasm and the expertise of Staff International have permitted us to relaunch and nurture the line, which Roberto particularly loves because it establishes a personalized, youthful sensibility that is global. The decision to extend the agreement was twofold, combining the superior results achieved thus far with the ambitious goals we share for the brand and its upcoming milestones.”

The line is now sold in 80 countries in 1,110 multibrand stores. The line has runs 42 namesake stores, including ones in New York and Milan, thus proving that the partnership between Cavalli and Staff International was just what was needed to inject new life into the Just Cavalli line.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the Roberto Cavalli brand and the Just Cavalli line. This is probably an influence of my mother who loves the brand as well because she loves Italian style, which is what Cavalli and his lines embody. The brand exudes this sense of careless pleasure and decadence, something which I think needs to be embraced more in all of our lives.  So hopefully the continued partnership between Cavalli and Staff International will help the Just Cavalli line gain more exposure so we can all have the opportunity to feel like a sexy, Italian woman who eats pasta and espresso everyday but always looks effortlessly chic and luxurious.


source: “Cavalli, Staff International Extend License“, Women’s Wear Daily

image source: Manfred Warner (Tsui)

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