Remembering L’Wren Scott

Another tragic passing has occurred in the fashion industry with the death of renowned designer, L’Wren Scott.


I had always loved L’Wren Scott’s beautiful line. Her pieces were always the right balance between elegance and glamour. They were made to make a woman feel powerful and like no one could bring down. And, this injection of strong female empowerment that was so prevalent in her design aesthetic came from Scott being the embodiment of what the clothes represented.

The first time I had seen Scott was at‘s conference “How To Make It Fashion” last November. She headlined the conference and gave a presentation about herself, her journey and her success. To say I was inspired would be an understatement.

The fashion industry is a tough industry to be a part of. You really have to be strong in your determination to make it. Throughout my foray into finding my spot in this industry, there have been moments where I wanted to give up and pursue something simpler. Without fail, every time one of these moments has come up, there has been someone in the industry who says something that inspires me and pushes me to keep chasing my dreams.

The presentation Scott gave at the conference was one of those moments where I needed a little inspiration to keep going. This beautiful glamazon sat up there and told us about how she came from a small town in Utah and had always been the girl with big dreams. She told us about how she had the courage to jump into the unknown and follow those dreams. She had this courage when she left home as a teenager and moved to Paris to work as a model. She had this courage when she began her styling career and became a force to be reckoned with. And, she had this courage when she decided to start her own line. She emphasized how important it was to always look to the future, fight for your dreams, and believe in yourself. She inspired me to keep going and fight for what I want because my dreams are worth it and important.

When I heard that she had passed yesterday morning, I couldn’t believe it. And, what’s more, I was hoping it was an Internet hoax, because, I couldn’t stand the thought that such an amazingly strong, courageous woman who had such great talent could have faltered in her strength and be gone from this world. But, as has always been the truth, we never really know what lies beneath the calm exterior of a person. And, then I realized something. Our lives, however long or short they may be, are not defined by one single moment, one single action, or one single feeling. Our lives are determined by the effect that we had on those around us. That is our lasting legacy. From the moment the news of her passing broke, only words of kindness have been said about her.

5150221654_2c71e3f8ef_b“There was a delight to her that is hard to imagine extinguished,” said Sarah Jessica Parker, an avid fan of her clothing line. “She had discipline, skill and talent and the recognition was an enormous source of pride for her because she waited so long and worked so diligently.”

“She was just ahead of the game.” said Phillip Bloch, a stylist who worked with her often. “I used to call her the dominatrix of styling. She would come with just three dresses and say, ‘You are not wearing these two, you are just wearing that one.’ She had that discipline and that eye. She was otherworldly, like ‘Mad Men’ before it was chic. She had that Fifties elegance to her.”

Her former personal assistant, William Matthews said, “She inspired everyone to do their best, and she deserves every possible accolade. She was a life-changing person, and she had technical skills that people don’t even realize — most people had no idea how gifted she was. The fashion world has lost an incredible stylist, technician and designer.”

To say that Scott had an positive effect on those around her would be a ludicrous understatement. As a successful designer, Scott encountered many people, whether it was her colleagues, employees, celebrities, or aspiring fashionistas, like me. And, every person she encountered, she left an impression with. She was truly an inspiring woman who, for me, will always embody what her clothes represent: strength, courage, elegance and fearlessness. She will undoubtedly be missed.


images: Solmaz Akef

source: “Mick Jagger Posts Statement on L’Wren Scott”, Women’s Wear Daily

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