My Italian Holiday – Day 2 – Amalfi Coast

Here we are on day 2 of Jafari Family Vacation 2014!! Today we took a tour of beautiful Amalfi Coast, which is about an hour drive from Naples.

Amalfi is a little village along the southern coast of Italy and it truly feels like you’re going back in time when you visit the village. The buildings are beautiful old buildings with intricate artwork, the streets are tiny and cobble-stoned, and the view of the sea is just breathtaking.

To get to Amalfi, you have to drive up the backside of the mountain it sits on and then down to the coastline where the village is. So, we got to see the beautiful expansive ocean view of the Amalfi coast from the top of the mountain before we even set foot in the village.

After driving down the hill and watching how the Italians have truly mastered the art of driving in the tiniest spaces and narrowest streets, we reach the little seasid village of Amalfi. We walked around the village a bit, and visited the shops. Some of the shops carried some of the most beautiful ceramic housewares decorated with the lemons that Amalfi is most famous for. Amalfi is where limoncello was created after all.

For lunch, our driver took us to this amazing restaurant that overlooked the sea, called Trattoria da Ciccio. It’s a family owned restaurant that has been there since 1965. Every single thing we ate here was so tasty. We ordered the zucchini flowers as an appetizer, which I had never had before. It’s the flower of a zucchini stuffed with cheese and placed in a velvety tomato sauce. So incredibly good, all I want to eat now is zucchini flowers. For my main course I ordered the famous spaghetti with clams which is their most famous dish. They cook the spaghetti al dente, bake it with clams, and then mix it with fresh tomatoes. One word: YUMMM!! If you ever find yourself in the Amalfi Coast, I highly recommend you go to this restaurant!!

I really enjoyed today’s adventures (as you can tell in this picture). I loved seeing the little village because it really felt like I was going back in time and enjoying the beautiful sights of a gem along the Southern Italian coast. I would love to come back and just relax here for a couple days: eat some good food, relax on the beach, and walk along the little streets of a quintessential Italian village.

Beeta J.

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