Announcing: Warby Parker Fall Collection

A couple months back, I woke up, got out of bed, and promptly stepped on my glasses and broke them. This is the worst thing that can happen to someone who wears glasses and contacts. So, I began perusing glasses options.

I want glasses that are chic and fashionable but are also classic and timeless and don’t cost me a lot of money. After all, I’m wearing contacts more than I wear glasses, but when I wear glasses I want them to look good!

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This is where Warby Parker comes in! For years, Warby Parker has been the fashionable girl’s go-to for glasses. They offer some of the most chic and fashionable styles that would make anyone stop and tell you that they not only love your shoes, handbag, or dress but also your gorgeous glasses!

Warby Parker is launching its Fall Collection today and it seems like the perfect time for me to get a pair of glasses to replace the broken ones.

Warby Parker describes their Fall Collection as inspired by the roaming and roving that is reminiscent of the fall season. The days are getting shorter, the weather is changing and things just seem to be moving away from the lazy pace of summer to the quick and moving pace of fall.

The color scheme is very mellow and focused on a autumnal palette with reds, browns, greys and my favorite, harvest hues. There is also a new two-toned style where there is a contrast layer of acetate laminated over a layer of thicker acetate.


A couple of my favorite styles in the collection are Barnett in Toffee Fade, Clark in Scarlet Tortoise, Keen in Burnt Lemon Tortoise, and Simone in Tea Rose. As you can tell, I have a common theme amongst my favorite frames, more of the rectangle frame with darker hues.

But, this collection really has a frame for any style. There are a total of seven styles with frames ranging from my favorite, rectangle to a more edgy circular frame with angular details.


Clockwise from top left: Keen in Burnt Lemon Tortoise; Morris in Toffee Fade; Simone in Tea Rose; Clark in Scarlet Tortoise

Looking at these glasses makes me think of cold nights by the fire drinking hot cocoa and curled up with a blanket and a good book, or picking pumpkins in a golden patch  in my scarf and my cozy sweater, or walking in the rain under a huge umbrella, in my trench and my boots.

If you can’t tell already, I have a thing for fall and in particular fall fashion. So, this collection is coming into my life at the perfect time! My new glasses will go perfectly with my obsessions with coats, scarves, sweaters, leggings and boots!


Caspar in Harvest Fade

It’s so hard to choose one frame which is why Warby Parker’s Home Try On Program is perfect! It’s so simple, you pick 5 styles, they ship them to you for free, you have 5 days to take them for a test run, and then you pick and purchase the frame you want, return the try on frames, and they send you your brand new glasses!

So I’m gonna take these bad boys for a test run. Perhaps test them out with some of my favorite fall pieces! Then, I’ll pick the perfect pair for my style and my life!! I may just start wearing my glasses more seeing as how cute these styles are. I’ll just be sure to not accidentally step on them.

So, if you’re like me and your in dire need of some fashionable frames, check out Warby Parker’s fall collection, test run a few of your favorite frames, and pick the glasses that are perfect for you!

All of the frames are $95 and the best part is that for every frame sold, Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need. So, not only will you be treating yourself, you’ll be helping someone who needs glasses.

Stay tuned for my Home Try On Session and to see which frames I end up choosing!


Beeta J.

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